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Divacity Manager

How does it work?

Divacity is an agency of models, influencers and artists that works worldwide through the Internet, with physical headquarters in Brazil. Divacity offers you all the traditional of agencies such as artistic representation contract, book creation, model courses, artistic workshops, model magazine, casting presentation, fashion shows, personalized advice and in addition to all this, we give you advanced technological functions to improve your professional presence on the Internet, earn money with your networks and better serve your professional or commercial visitors through the Internet. These things can be summed up in one: greater possibilities of contracts, jobs, approvals and success.

To begin register, log in and click on "The 10 Steps".

I have to pay?

Do not! The main and essential functions are totally free. If you want, you can use some paid features to increase your productivity, but it is not required ok?

What are the prices?

There are free and paid services, individual and kit services. You find them all on the round menu. To find out how each one works, click on them and read the information.

Can I earn money?

Yes. But you also can't win. It depends on you. We give you several functions to sell your services, promote yourself and even receive gifts that you can exchange for money. If you do not earn money, the cause is that you are not really working or that you are not making good use of the tools.

Where is the agency?

In Internet. We reach more than 80 countries. It is not the classic office where you go physically. We consider that an outdated method. With Diva.City, everything is digital, over the Internet.

Is it something safe?

Yes. We are not going to kidnap you, nor are we going to steal your heart. Oh my God! It is safer to work online than in person. No one is going to rape you through a glass screen! It's the 21st century. If the Internet scares you, you better do something else because you're out of reality.

Who is Tony Digital?

It is the robotic version, with artificial intelligence, of the founder of Divacity, Antonio Sánchez, whom his friends call Tony. It was necessary to create this robot because it is impossible for him to talk to everyone. You can know more about Tony, here.

How do I start?

Just register, read everything that appears, check the menus and do not despair. It will take you a while to learn how to use everything but the basic things are very easy to use, so you can start right now.

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Log in, scroll down to the end and click "Kill my Page".

Difficulties of Use

We can guide you step by step if you have a few minutes to read. If you do not want to read the tips and guidelines we cannot help you. To start a "Step by Step" log in, activate your account by uploading 3 photos and then do that click on "Help" at the top of the page.

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